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There have been numerous reports of damage to automotive paints and other coatings and some evidence suggests that damage occurs most frequently on freshly painted vehicles. Usually the damage is permanent and once it has occurred, the only solution is to re-spray your car.

Environmental fallout causes this damage namely:

Air pollution (e.g., acid rain), decaying insects, bird droppings, pollen, and tree sap.

Auto Armor offers an environmental protection plan  that can keep your car in showroom condition.

Our Paint Shield is a high performance protective coating applied to your car in the form of a polish. It has more manufacturer approvals and certificates than any paint protection in SA, is enhanced with Nano-Technology and is polarized in order to bond to your paintwork for longer.


Paint Shield

¨ Minimises effects of the following:

– Industrial fallout

– Acid rain and Pollution

– Bird-droppings and Tree resin

– Oxidation and Chalking

– Ultra violet rays

¨ Inhibits surface rust

¨ Sheds dirt easily

¨ Maintenance Kit


  • R 6 000 paint warranty against defects caused due to environmental damages
  • Free application of sealer renewer after first 6 months
  • 50% discount off 4 re-applications of sealer renewer
  • 25% discount if you renew your warranty at expiry date

Leather/Fabric Shield

¨ Resistance to everyday stains—coffee, ice-cream, mud, etc

¨ Repellence of spillages by beading up for blotting away with absorbent cloth

¨ Retention of colour and soft feel

¨ Promotes longer life


  • R2 000 claimable to restore interior
  • Free application of leather renewer after 6 months
  • 50% discount off 4 re-applications of leather renewer


¨ Computer coded registration

¨ Free marking of replaced screens or glass

¨ Accommodation up to R1000 on proof if, as a result of theft, the member is stranded

¨ Vehicle hire reimbursement up to R1000 (on proof)

¨ If stolen vehicle is recovered , free valet and reapplication of 3-in-1 up to R1500

¨ If recovered vehicle is damaged, towing charge up to R1000

¨ Excess insurance reimbursement up to R1000 on proof if vehicle is not recovered.

¨ R1000 towards a new vehicle from the same dealer if vehicle is not covered.


NB: Terms and Conditions as per your warranty apply.


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