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The safest way to drive is to have all your attention focused on the road ahead and with both hands on the steering wheel. Road laws have prohibited drivers from using hand held cellular phones while driving and if caught, result in immediate penalties.

A new generation of devices can now perform a variety of functions with just the touch of a button. Bluetooth is the cutting edge in mobile devices and now car audio because it eliminates messy wires.

Receiving a call while driving without a hands free kit is dangerous!

PARROT CK3000 EVOLUTION Bluetooth® Hands Free Car Kit

The CK3000 EVOLUTION features a discreet design that is hardly noticeable on the dashboard. In the event of a call, the car radio automatically cuts out, so that the speakers can transmit the conversation, and the microphone clearly reproduces the sound of your voice.

  • Bluetooth hands-free system (no screen).
  • User interface: screen with 3 buttons.
  • Built-in voice recognition for making calls.
  • Phonebook: up to 150 contacts per telephone, up to 450 in total per system.


PARROT MKi9200  Made for iPod & Works with iPhone

A full system dedicated to conversation and music  with a 2.4” colour screen.

  • Dual Mode (MULTIPOINT) : simultaneous connection with 2 Bluetooth phones
  • Automatic phonebook synchronisation
  • Speaker independent voice recognition
  • Connectivity: iPod / iPhone, USB, line-in, Bluetooth (A2DP).


PARROT MKi9100  Bluetooth hands-free system with OLED screen

  • Featured like the Parrot MKi9200 but with an OLED screen

PARROT CK3100 LCD Bluetooth hands free car kit with LCD display

  • Bluetooth hands-free system with LCD screen.
  • User interface: screen with 3 buttons.
  • Displays menus, contacts, user settings etc.
  • Built-in voice recognition for making calls.
  • Phonebook: up to 1000 contacts per telephone, up to 5,000 in total per system.

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