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3-IN-1 Environmental Protection

Auto Armor South Africa introduced 3-in-1 Protection in the late in the 90s. This product keeps on improving and developing over the decades and is essential for any car lover.

The 3-in-1 Comprises of:

  1. Exterior Protection (Paint and Trim)
  2. Interior Protection (Leather Protection, Fabric Protection, Vinyl and Trim Protection, Carpet Protection)
  3. Motomark Unique anti-theft coding etched onto each window of your vehicle.


Auto Armor Paint Shield is a high performance protective coating applied to your car in the form of a polish. It has more manufacturer approvals and certificates than any paint protection in SA, is enhanced with Nano-Technology and is polarized in order to bond to your paintwork for longer.

Benefits of having Auto Armor Paint Shield / Protection on your Car:

  • Prevents oxidation and chalking of your body’s paintwork
  • Minimises effects of industrial fallout
  • Minimises effects of acid rain
  • Protects against the effects of ultra violet rays
  • Reduces surface rust
  • Minimises effects of bird droppings
  • Sheds dirt easily
  • Free Application of sealer renewer after first 6 months
  • 50% discount off 4 re-applications of sealer renewal
  • 25% discount if you renew your warranty at expiry date
  • Each Client receives a free maintenance kit


Auto Armor Leather and Fabric Shield are protective coatings applied to your vehicles interior to preserve it and keep its strength.

Benefits of having Auto Armor Leather and Fabric Shield applied to your vehicles interior are:

  • Resistance to everyday stains – coffee, ice cream, mud, etc
  • Repelling of spillages by beading up for blotting away with absorbent cloth.
  • Retention of colour and soft feel
  • Promotes longer life
  • Free application of leather renewer after months
  • 50% discount off 4 re-applications of leather renewer


Motomark is a unique computer coded number that gets etched onto each window in your car. The reason for this is to deter hijackers or thieves from stealing your car. These numbers get carried on a separate database, run by Auto Armor. If your vehicle is stolen and a police clearance centre picks up on this number, the vehicle can be returned to the rightful owner

Benefits of having MOTOMARK on your car If your vehicle is stolen:

  • Vehicle hire reimbursement up to R1000;
  • Should the theft of the registered car leave a member stranded, accommodation up to the value of R1000 will be refunded on proof;
  • If the vehicle is not recovered, Insurance Excess will be reimbursed to the value of R1000 (on proof);
  • In addition, R1000 will be paid towards the purchase price of any vehicle if purchased from the same dealer (cheque will be made payable to the dealer on proof of order);
  • If the vehicle is recovered and is damaged, towing charges up to the value of will be covered. R1000;
  • In addition, your vehicle will be entitled to receive (within 4 weeks of recovery) a Free Auto Valet and re-application of the 3-in-1 at any authorized AUTO ARMOR SERVICE CENTRE to the value of up to R2000.
REGISTRATION: IMPORTANT!In order to validate this warranty, the WARRANTY REGISTRATION FORM must be completed and mailed to:

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